Robert T. McCall: Space artist extrodinare

The artist Robert T. McCall is probably most well known for his official art capturing the beauty of space. Is work has been used by NASA multiple times, even going so far as to become one of the official artists for the program. He even designed the art for legendary movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey .

McCall has gone on to create illustrations such as the “Moon Base” and design the art on the cover of multiple issues of popular space magazines. Sadly, the artist has passed away. He died in the year 2010, yet his artwork will continue to live on in the eyes of NASA. You can view some of his beautiful artwork here and even get to know the illustrator a little better as well.

“The future is bright and filled with promise for us all. And the human spirit driven as it is, with an insatiable desire to know, to explore, and to understand will continue forever to reach up ward and outward.”

~Dr. Robert T. McCall


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